Frequently Asked Questions 

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How do the KOR bottles be manufactured?
KOR has partnered with Nypro, one of the largest manufacturers in the United States, to produce and assemble KOR ONE and KOR Special Edition products. These are produced in Mexico, in the plant of Monterrey. Nypro owns and operates nearly 30 plants around the world.

The plant in Monterrey, Mexico was chosen because of its proximity to the KOR warehouse in Southern California, its expertise in plastic molding and its ISO 14001 environmental certification.

KOR KOR bottles Delta and Aura are manufactured by a highly respected and environmentally friendly plant in China called “King’s Flair”. Both of these plants were inspected by KOR to ensure that they are applying what they preach.

What KOR water bottles are made of?
The bottles use healthy materials, such as stainless steel and Tritan, without BPA. No chemicals enter the water. Tritan is an innovative copolyester (Eastman Tritan – registered trademark). It is natural to compare Eastman Tritan™ with polycarbonate (PC) due to its greater resistance to heat compared to traditional copolyesters. But, Tritan offers a variety of benefits of transformation, performance and durability
Are KOR bottles sustainable?
Tritan™ has been tested to withstand 500 washes without visible degradation (unlike conventional plastic that does not degrade after 30). It means that a weekly wash of Kor’s bottle last for 10 years.
And social aspect - First for giving
In addition to building innovative products that reduce environmental impact, KOR takes its mission very seriously. Social responsibility is paramount. Buying a KOR bottle allows you to donate 1% to associations that focus on issues related to planet’s water. KOR’s objective is not only to provide the necessary funds for these organizations, but also to involve its clients on issues such as recycling, water protection and the global water crisis.

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