La soif de partager avec Arthritis, Fondation Courtin Clarins

Launch of the product-sharing with the brand KOR®

KOR® is a new kind of hydration bottle that places design at the service of ecology. In addition to designing eco-designed products, KOR wishes to support the Arthritis Foundation by donating 1 euro on each bottle. A product-sharing enabling KOR consumers to do a militant act when they buy a bottle. The launch of this product-sharing is part of the 2nd edition of Trophée Arthritis by Clarins by offering on each golf of the network Golfy the acquisition of this product KOR.

What is the Arthritis by Clarins Trophy?

It is a nationwide charity action: a one-day open competition that will bring together no fewer than 5,000 golfers on over 60 greens in the Golfy network! The full fees and donations collected by each club are donated to medical research for serious rheumatism.

Health before all

Proper hydration is crucial to our health. And the bottle that contains our water matters just as much. The materials in the KOR bottles are safe for our health, without BPA in Tritan or Stainless Steel. Throughout an 18-hole, drinking enough helps us to keep our physical and mental shape, participates in the elimination of waste from our body and helps moisturize our body and our skin.