A Green Flask with a Sustainable Design


A green water bottle with a sustainable design is the foundation of KOR Water.
The water bottle is obviously used to replace hundreds of 50cl bottles that we buy during our daily trips. These disposable plastic bottles can be avoided with the use of your green water bottle.
The design reinforces its use by several aspects.

The ergonomics of the green flask is fundamental

Indeed, imagine a reusable bottle, where the part where you put your lips is not protected, or the opening cap is not practical, or the transport is not facilitated by a handle, or the dimension is not adapted to the size of your hand or the neck does not have the good dimension to drink easily, or the washing and the rinsing are only very difficult or not allowed in dishwasher…

The design aims to make a beautiful eco-friendly green flask but also a practical accessory

At KOR, the long reflection on water for more than 10 years has allowed us to combine all these parameters, to put all the current technology at the service of an Eco-Friendly bottle, Eco-designed and defending the causes that affect it.
No more plastic since the first bottle.
KOR was the first to use a new material – Tritan – which is more resistant and less polluting than plastic.

For its filtration, KOR has developed a natural filtration process based on coconut shells, thus recreating the principle of activated carbon for an eco-friendly water bottle.

KOR’s insulated bottles are made of stainless steel, the double opening caps are made of ABS but are infinitely replaceable to guarantee long-lasting products.

For the home or office, KOR has rethought filtration with the Waterfall, which provides pure water in a system as simple as the coffee machine, and as efficient as the most advanced osmosis systems.

At KOR, design has the power to change minds!
Drinking from a beautiful, durable and infinitely reusable bottle is our mission.
A commonplace object that has become a fashion accessory, that we love, that we make our own and that accompanies us everywhere and in all circumstances.

KOR – Water, Design, Planet.