A filtering carafe for office and home


The carafe filter for the office or home is an effective and economical solution to drink tap water which is of excellent quality in our European countries!

All studies show that it contains all the necessary trace elements for good hydration.
So if sometimes its taste or smell bothers you, there are now solutions to these concerns.

KOR Water, created in 2008, has always favored design and ergonomics in order to allow its customers to change their mentality and adopt a gesture that contributes to saving the planet and protecting themselves from plastic waste.

Thus, the patent on the creation of an activated carbon made from 100% coconut shells has allowed to disrupt the filtered water industry.

This process does not pollute during the manufacturing of the filter, while the process of the coal which purified the water is known and used in Japan since decades.

Thus was born Nava, the first bottle with a water filtration system. This was followed by Waterfall, the water filtration system in a carafe designed for the home and office.

With a large filter that can filter 300L of water, Waterfall is really practical with its 2 carafes and their hermetic caps that allow you to always have a fresh carafe or water infused with good fresh fruit in your refrigerator.

Système de filtration d'eau WaterFall

The use of Waterfall is perfect for small offices, as it does not require any power outlet and allows an elegant carafe service for meeting rooms…
Thus you will be able to abandon the use of small plastic bottles that contribute to the carbon footprint of several kilograms of waste per year and per employee in the office… It is an easy challenge for CSR managers by adopting this simple but effective reflex that will delight all your employees in their daily hydration.


KOR Water
l’Eau, le Design, la Planète.