KOR Nava filter bottle


The Nava filter is 100% made from coconut shells. After harvesting, the shells are converted into activated carbon using a patented process that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions.

Coconut shells are widely recognized as the most efficient material for carbon filtration.

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The revolution of portable filtration.
Innovative filtration system using a 100% coconut shell filter.

A fine design, a stopper opening in one hand that protects the neck from dirt and impurities.

Nava is a simple and elegant alternative to bottled water that encourages you to use the tap for the pleasure of water without taste or smell.

BPA + toxin free

Hygienic Spout

Protects your spout from outside elements.

Leak Proof

Air tight + worry free.

No-Worry Cap

One press open + obstruction free drinking.

Cushioned + Non-slip Base

Keeps your bottle where you left it.

Weight 0,2500 kg

Aqua Splash, Artic Ice, Onyx, Ribbon Red