KOR +, hydrogenated water filtration


KOR+ filter water bottle
Water that preserves your health and helps you to be more efficient.

Design at the service of science.

The KOR + box contains:

  • a KOR+ bottle
  • a KOR+ filter

*additional filters sold separately


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This bottle with filter is to be taken everyday and during sports. Thanks to its filtration system made of coconut fiber, it purifies the water and balances its pH.

The filter contains rare earth minerals that provide antioxidants that neutralize free radicals that damage cells in the body. As for the electrolytes, they allow better recovery and better performance..

KOR + preserves your body thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects.

In order for the filter to remain effective, it must be changed every month.

For convenience, you can subscribe to receive one each month and cancel at any time!


Still an important asset today, Kor Plus also protects the environment. Kor is made from durable materials, BPA free and safe for health.

Cette bouteille peut être utilisée sur du long terme, réutilisable à l’infini.

Tandis que la bouteille en plastique libère des particules néfastes pour la santé et engendre beaucoup de pollution..

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