Plastic : King of the Oceans


70.8% of the planet is covered by oceans.

True wealth, they represent the largest ecosystem on the planet. But unfortunately they also attract all the pollutants of the modern world that we then find on our plate via their concentration in the food chain! This is particularly the case with plastic bottles.
Plastic is omnipresent in our lives, essential to contemporary society, which could not have grown without it, yet we often forget that it is the main pollutant of our beautiful earth.
269,000 tonnes of plastic waste floats in the oceans.
The distribution in the oceans is:
44% in the north pacific
9% in the Indian Ocean
19% in the North Atlantic
17% in the south pacific
11% in the south Atlantic
* Source 2014 World View Our society of consumption and unlimited growth is at the origin of this catastrophic pollution for the future of humanity.
Each year, 89 billion plastic water bottles are produced around the world most often for temporary use …

Reusable bottle: an eco-responsible alternative

Despite this gloomy record, a change in our habits can have a positive impact on the environment.
KOR Water is committed in its own way to preserving the planet and providing a real response to consumerism.
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Filtering process is made 100% of Coconut shelves, a patented process for creating activ carbon filtration.

Made with polypropylene without Biphenol A, these stylish bottles elevate plain water in many ways.
KOR Water water bottles are ideal for everyday use but also during your sports, yoga sessions, at the office or on a walk.
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Using a reusable bottle is a common sense choice. “Another way to drink life”