Choosing the right reusable bottle


The trend is clear: we must stop plastic and switch to the reusable bottle!

OK, but how do you choose your reusable bottle in front of the myriad of products on the market? The answer is not that simple. So the simple question is, how am I going to use my reusable bottle? Every day or occasionally (hiking or beach)? In the office ? At the gym ? By bike ? Do I want filtration because my tap water tastes bad? So here are some tips…

There are different materials of reusable bottle.

Choosing a material that respects water and the environment is a crucial point. Because some reusable bottles are still in questionable materials, in particular plastic containing BPA and not very environmentally friendly during production. You also have to look at the design of the product. A reusable bottle should be sturdy. If you have to throw away your reusable bottle too often, the primary goal of disposing of single-use plastic will obviously be less effective. Among the environmentally friendly materials, choose Tritan, a polymer (still a family of plastic but much less polluting and requiring less energy and therefore pollution during production), very solid (and therefore your reusable bottle will last a long time). The other preferred material is stainless steel and especially 18/8 type which is the strongest and lightest version. Yes, because this last point of lightness is rather important: by filling a reusable 750ml bottle, you already have 750g in your bag so no need to add empty reusable bottles of more than 500g!

For which use am I chosing a reusable bottle: sport, office, school etc …

Finally the use. Know that the reusable bottle is a nomadic product. So if you choose a fragile product, it will become difficult to keep it for a long time. If you are hikers, absolutely prefer an isotherm product in order to be able to keep the cold in summer (24 hours) and hot in winter (12 hours). If you are at rather on a urban usage, gym, office (small or large) and you have water handy, then your reusable bottle acts as a glass (and therefore replaces the disposable cup!) And therefore a 500ml bottle will be more than enough, especially as it will more easily fit in your bag to follow you everywhere – when you are in the gym or in your vehicle. Last but not least : filtration bottles. There are environmentally friendly filtration today. The activated carbons in the filters are made from coconut shells. This filtration eliminates the taste of chlorine that can be found in tap water in some areas. Add to these filters some antioxidants and ability to have an hydrogen rich Water.. Filtration is made simple but can cause very nice advantages on your daily drink !